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A simple object such as the coffee table can become an essential piece of furniture and attractive design. The tables Arko, Caffè, Trio and Milo wood have different materials, different shapes and uses that can adapt to an office environment, a collective space and, why not also a home furniture.
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Gen Y, Gen Z, Gen A

GEN Y: from the end of the 80s to the beginning of the new millennium, our desks have reflected the greatness and stability of that period. GEN Z: with the arrival of the new millennium, the world of desks also begins to change, opening the doors more and more to sharing workspaces. GEN A: in the last decade everything has changed, health and sustainability come to the fore and the world of the office meets the wellness of those who spend many hours in the workplace.
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Innata eleganza Le linee semplici ed essenziali della gamba X rendono l’ufficio un luogo unico e piacevole. Adatta per piccole sale riunioni e ambienti semi-direzionali, la gamba X è disponibile nelle diverse finiture standard e INOX.
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Elevate Bench 04 | Gambe registrabili |


The modern office is a dynamic environment, why not make it even more functional and comfortable?
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Thea Legno

Thea range, made of bench legs and double beam, is perfect to realize operative, semi-executive and meeting tables.

The frame is available in metal and in metal-wood versions; this one offers a refined and customizable aesthetic, keeping unchanged the technical features of the product.
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Secret Ribaltabile

New technical solution for the tilting table SECRET. The leveler allows to adjust the position of the top having a perfect alignment in the multiple configurations. For further information, please, contact us.
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