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High quality.
Custom molds.
Welding aesthetic.
Industrialization products.
ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.


4000 square meters

2 punching and 4 bending AMADA machines.
2 presses, with automatic power line, one of 135 tons and the other of 105.
1 ABB welding robot, CMT technology (Cool Metal Transfer).
Saw a double head (FOM) for aluminum.

2000 square meters

Wagner painting plant, powder epoxy. Infinite range of colors.
Flexibility to change color, cost optimization, fast delivery time.

4000 square meters

3000 pallets spaces.
10 assembly workstations.
1 intelligent automatic storage and filing system SILO by ICAM.
Shrink packaging.
Technologically advanced.
Computer control at each step product.

400 square meters

6 overhead loading ramps.
2 trucks for local consignment.
Logistical efficiency.
Optimization of loading time.

200 square meters

20 lines of desks exposed.
15 types of columns
1 line of wall open space.
All products showed.
Innovations and prototypes.

400 square meters

15 strategic areas.
4 spoken languages.
High level of professionalism.
Customer care. Teamwork.